Size Information

We cater to women's shoe sizes 5.5-11, and half sizes stop at size 8.5. We offer shoe selections from many different manufactures and cannot guarantee that they all follow the general sizing chart.

  • Example: Some manufactures may list a shoe as size 9, but it really measures a size 10 according to the general size guide.

We cannot be the judge on how you want your shoes to fit.

  • Example: Some prefer extra space in their shoes, and some people may not.

Lookout for the “True Fit” ✅

True Fit means that based on our research, the shoes fit most customers true size. We will have a (⚠️) symbol and advise of any shoes that may run small or larger than usual. 


Please see the general size chart below. No, worries we accept returns! Matter of fact, we will cover your return shipping label see more information HERE